FARC Track meets


Meets will be held every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm-7:30 pm from July 7th to August 25th at James Monroe High School track.

Events: Mile, 2 mile

Runners MUST bring their own pen to sign up and water bottles. Please warm-up and cool-down on your own unless you are with family members. All participants MUST practice social distancing before and after the events.

FARC Track Meet Championship

The championship will be held on July 28th.  Volunteers are needed!

Please contact Terry McLaughlin at tjmclaughlin80@gmail.com if interested in helping.


A few reminders.

Meet across the street from Hyperion in the courtyard next to the Fredericksburg Area Museum.

Read, print, sign, and bring with you the waiver which can be found here:


Pass single file while on the run. Allow space when near other groups.

Masks must be worn while gathered before and after the run.

There will be no FARC provided refreshments. Be sure to bring your own water.

The run will begin promptly at 8am. Please arrive 10 minutes early to work through waivers and a safety review.


What we know Today…

The FARC Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix Series is still on! Obviously there are modifications as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, but we’re posting here with our current plan. Here is the status of races that are/were scheduled since our last event:

Stafford Hospital 5k

  • New date is 29 August. Planning to be a VIRTUAL race but could be in-person or hybrid pending conditions.



Battling Cancer 5k

  • VIRTUAL ONLY (6/20-21)

Heritage Festival 5 Miler


Devil’s Den 10 Mile

  • Moving ahead with in-person race, but pending permits. Will be virtual if unable to race in person.

Downtown Mile

  • Hoping to be in-person, but preparing for a virtual or an in-person/virtual hybrid if needed.

Braswell 5k


Run Through History 10k

  • Planning for a virtual/in-person hybrid

FCA Cow Run

  • Hoping to be in-person, but preparing for a virtual or an in-person/virtual hybrid if needed

Blue & Gray Half Marathon

  • Planning for a virtual/in-person hybrid

Look for a separate post on the Grand Prix Facebook Page with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with more details. Post your questions there as well.


  • Do not gather at Hyperion
  • A waiver must be signed by all participants
  • Masks must be worn when gathered before and after the run
  • Maintain appropriate distance
  • While running, pass single file
  • No more than 50 individuals may participate

Guidelines for returning to group runs.

Hooray! On June 13th we will see a return to group runs, which also happens to be our Welcome New Runners Day. Obviously, there will be some differences from our normal runs in order to follow guidelines and keep members as safe as possible. We are restricted to no more than 50 runners. Historically this should not be a problem, but we will monitor our numbers and adjust accordingly.

We need a fairly open space to gather so please meet up in the courtyard near the museum instead of Hyperion. It is extremely important that we maintain appropriate distance and not impact the surrounding businesses. Masks will be required whenever we gather before or after the run. You do not need to wear your mask while running.

While on the run ensure we follow all appropriate guidelines. When approaching others, get into a single file row, and give them as much distance as you can. Try to avoid spitting or shooting “snot rockets.”

Lastly, if you are sick or have possibly been exposed to COVID, please stay home. We would love to see everyone, but we need to be smart about this to keep things moving forward.

  1. Read and sign the waiver. Click here to download the waiver 
  2. Bring your signed waiver with you. We will bring a few blanks for anyone who forgets but we may run out.
  3. Arrive 10 minutes early so we can do a quick safety brief and ensure everyone has signed the waiver.
  4. The run will depart promptly at 8 am.