FARC Track meets


Meets will be held every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm-7:30 pm from July 7th to August 25th at James Monroe High School track.

Events: Mile, 2 mile

Runners MUST bring their own pen to sign up and water bottles. Please warm-up and cool-down on your own unless you are with family members. All participants MUST practice social distancing before and after the events.

FARC Track Meet Championship

The championship will be held on July 28th.  Volunteers are needed!

Please contact Terry McLaughlin at tjmclaughlin80@gmail.com if interested in helping.


RRCA Survey

The RRCA has launched a nationwide survey to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected participation in running events as well as locally organized group runs and training programs. Please visit the following link in order to participate: 
The goal of the survey is to gather data from runners to better understand what changes they expect to see within the running community and event industry, post-pandemic. Some preliminary data is already noted in the Looking Forward: Guide for Races.
Runners and race directors, like the population at large, hope to return to “normal” at some point in the coming months. Runner feedback will be helpful as the RRCA works with the consortium of race directors, club leaders, health experts, industry leaders, and more in partnership to update guidelines and recommendations to assist the running community in formulating best practice plans for post-pandemic running in the coming months.
Results will be shared in a few weeks following data review and analysis.