Quaranineteen Challenge

On Sunday April 19th several FARC Members took on the challenge to run 1.9 miles or kilometers every hour for 19 hours. The event raised over $7,000 for No Kid Hungry, which helps provide meals for kids who are going without due to the closure of schools.

JP Caudill was the organizer for this event. He lives in Colorado Springs but is originally from Woodbridge and his parents currently live in Fredericksburg. In 2018 he completed the World Marathon Challenge which entails running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. JP came up with the idea for the challenge while recently running a virtual marathon on his treadmill due to a race cancellation. Inspired by similar events he wanted to do something that was accessible to just about anyone who had the drive to take on the challenge. With all the negativity associated with COVID-19 JP wanted to use the event to create something positive out of the number 19.

Howard Thomas, Greg Gilliam, Jim Thompson, Gwen Braswell-Nash, Brian Pessolano, and Caitlin Pessolano all successfully completed the challenge! Runners started as early at 2am Sunday and ran 19 laps ever hour for 19 consecutive hours (36.1 miles or km). Participants interacted with fellow runners during the event through social media and a video conference to stay connected. Runners from all over the country along with a few international runners participated. Our runners received much needed virtual support from fellow FARC runners throughout the event to help them through the grind.

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The Quaranineteen Challenge had runners complete 1.9 miles or kilometers every hour for 19 hours to support No Kid Hungry.


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