Hey runners I’m Brian and I’ll be your Captain for our little virtual race challenge. Yesterday we announced the VA RRCA’s Virtual Challenge. Today I wanted to provide some additional details. I’ve setup a webpage that I will use to post information on the challenge:

Virtual Challenge

Points will be scored for times at the 5k and 10k distances. VA RRCA has stated they may add additional distances and races by April 15th. There are free options to signup for. If you are able please support the Moss Free Clinic Virtual. You can do multiple virtual races for the same distance. I will only submit the best times.

There are FARC groups on both Garmin Connect and Strava. Based on your preferred platform make sure you are a member of one of the groups as this will allow members (and your Captain) to see your runs:



In order to participate do the following between now and May 31st:

  1. Sign-up for one of the eligible virtual races.
  2. Go run and make sure to record it
  3. Edit your run with the title “Virtual Challenge <distance>”. Then in the notes/description put the name of the virtual race the run applies to.
  4. Email me the link to your activity just to be sure I see it: brian.pessolano@runfarc.com

The more participation we have in the various age groups the better our club will do. If you have a family membership the whole gang is eligible!

If you do not track your runs electronically reach out to me and lets see what we can do.

This is still a work in progress so be patient. I’ll keep everyone updated. Stay safe, obey the Governor’s guidance, and keep your distance!

I’d love to hear your thoughts either by email or comment on the Facebook thread. I’m planning to put out an article on how best to participate and follow the guidance we are under.


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