Grand Prix Update as of September 14

Like so many other things in 2020 the Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix has needed to adapt to the impacts of COVID. Several races were canceled or went virtual this year. The Grand Prix Directors have been working diligently to provide runners the ability to compete/participate even with the loss of races. Be sure to stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook or by checking theRunFarc website.

There have been several posts that provided key pieces of information that we hope to bring together and provide a clear picture. Runners have 2 options available to them in 2020:

  1. Receive recognition for completing the Grand Prix by completing 6 live or virtual events
  2. Compete for a Grand Prix Points Award by completing at least 4 live events

The below graphic summarizes the Grand Prix status and requirements for 2020:

Key Points for 2020 Grand Prix:
  • Visit the Grand Prix website for a list of events, results, and registration links 
  • Runners must be a member of FARC to qualify
  • There is no volunteer requirement for the Grand Prix
  • The Halloween 5k was added to the Grand Prix for 2020
  • The FCA 5k recently decided to hold a virtual only event
  • There are 3 live races and 1 virtual only race remaining in 2020


What we know Today…

The FARC Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix Series is still on! Obviously there are modifications as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, but we’re posting here with our current plan. Here is the status of races that are/were scheduled since our last event:

Stafford Hospital 5k

  • New date is 29 August. Planning to be a VIRTUAL race but could be in-person or hybrid pending conditions.



Battling Cancer 5k

  • VIRTUAL ONLY (6/20-21)

Heritage Festival 5 Miler


Devil’s Den 10 Mile

  • Moving ahead with in-person race, but pending permits. Will be virtual if unable to race in person.

Downtown Mile

  • Hoping to be in-person, but preparing for a virtual or an in-person/virtual hybrid if needed.

Braswell 5k


Run Through History 10k

  • Planning for a virtual/in-person hybrid

FCA Cow Run

  • Hoping to be in-person, but preparing for a virtual or an in-person/virtual hybrid if needed

Blue & Gray Half Marathon

  • Planning for a virtual/in-person hybrid

Look for a separate post on the Grand Prix Facebook Page with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with more details. Post your questions there as well.