How to Sign up!

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting signed-up for Miles for Meaning on Kilter and joining the Fairy Godmother Project Team!

The guide below was done on Android but the process shouldn’t be much different on iPhones.

Download the Kilter app

  • Go to the App Store on your phone (Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
  • Search for “Kilter” and select the install button

SIGN up for a Kilter account

  • Once the app has completed installation launch Kilter
  • Select the “SIGN UP” button and complete the account creation process

Connect a Fitness Tracker

  • You will be presented with a list of fitness tracking apps
  • Select the “Connect” button for your fitness tracker of choice
  • Step through the permission requests to give Kilter the ability to access your activity information
  • Once done select the “Yep, I’m connected” button

Go to the events page

  • Once you are done connecting fitness trackers the app will ask for some additional optional information you can skip these if you’d like
  • You’ll then be taken to the Kilter Dashboard
  • Kilter will step you through an orientation process to point out the features of the app
  • On the bottom left of the Dashboard select “Events”

Join Miles for Meaning

  • From the Explore Events menu type “miles” in the search bar
  • You should see “Miles For Meaning” in Upcoming Events
  • Select “Join” on the Miles for Meaning event

Join the Fairy Godmother Project Team

  • From the Miles for Meaning page select “JOIN” under “Have a Team?”
  • In the Select Team menu type “fairy” in the search bar
  • Select “Fairy Godmother Project” and then “JOIN”
    • You may see more than one Fairy Godmother Project Team; just select any of them
    • Kilter limits teams to 100 participants and creates additional teams to accommodate bigger groups
    • All the miles will still go to Fairy Godmother Project

You are ready

  • You are all set to get out and log some miles
  • The event runs from March 1st to 31st
  • Get your family and friends involved, every mile helps


Fairy Godmother Project

Join the FGP Facebook Group

Facebook Group



Date:  October 3 (Saturday);  Time: 8:00 a.m. EDT

Weather:  M. Sunny, T~46F, DP~46F, RH 100%, Wind:  Calm

Participants: 5 (3 Events)

Event:  1500 Meters

  1. Terry McLaughlin               M        60       5:43.4
  2. Ted Poulos                           M        58       5:50.8
  3. Steven Konopa                   M        50       6:02.3
  4. James LaFratta                    M        54       7:23.4
  5. Kirk Gordon                         M        64       7:23.5

Event:  3000 Meters (3K)

  1. Terry McLaughlin               M        60       12:29.5
  2. Steven Konopa                   M        50       12:43.4
  3. James LaFratta                    M        54       15:38.0

Event:  5000 Meters (5K)

  1. Ted Poulos                           M        58       22:26.5
  2. Kirk Gordon                         M        64       25:59.5

A few reminders.

Meet across the street from Hyperion in the courtyard next to the Fredericksburg Area Museum.

Read, print, sign, and bring with you the waiver which can be found here:


Pass single file while on the run. Allow space when near other groups.

Masks must be worn while gathered before and after the run.

There will be no FARC provided refreshments. Be sure to bring your own water.

The run will begin promptly at 8am. Please arrive 10 minutes early to work through waivers and a safety review.


Keep Those Virtual Challenge Submissions Coming!

Shout out to Megan McDonald and Thomas McDonald for rocking their Virtual 5k runs today! Remember there is no cost to in the Challenge as there are options free virtual races for both the 5k and 10k distance. The free Strider Quarantine 5k ends tomorrow so get to it. Starting on the 25th you can do the “Enough All Ready!” virtual 10k for free. All the information on the challenge can be found by going to the below page:

Virtual Challenge Page

Some random participants may be in line for some cool swag… who knows… got to participate to find out.

Thomas McDonald

Strider Quarantine 5k

Megan McDonald

Strider Quarantine 5k


I’m sure everyone took the time to look at our spiffy new calendar and thought to themselves… “Self, it would be awesome if  I could subscribe to the FARC calendar so I didn’t have to go to the website to see all the cool things going on!”

Guess what you can! There are a couple ways to do it…

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Website Calendar and you find the Subscribe button. Click and select the calendar of your choice (Google, Outlook, Apple, & others).
  • Go directly to the Google Calendar the website uses by following this link: FARC Google Calendar