Submit your time by May 31st!

  1. Sign-up for any 5k or 10k virtual race between April 1st and May 31st.
  2. Go run and make sure to record it.
  3. Use the form below to submit your time.

Recommended Races

All Virtual Races are Eligible!

The Run on TPTriple Ply or Ultrathrough May 31Arsenal Events$34.95
Antisocial Run7kMay 16 to 31Arsenal Events$30

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Posted Results

Megan McDonald31Quarantown 10k10k49:21
Becca Pizmoht52Quarantown 10k10k1:06:42
Caitlin Pessolano21Strider Quarantine 5k5k21:09
Brian Pessolano46Strider Quarantine 5k5k22:13
Will Triplett52Moss Free Clinic 5K5k24:47
Megan McDonald31Strider Quarantine 5k5k23:03
Thomas McDonald35Strider Quarantine 5k5k28:46
Craig Chasse50Strider Quarantine 5k5k19:41
Howard Thomas58Moss Free Clinic 5k5k31:09
Aimee Weems44YoungLives Cure 4 Quarantine5k27:00
Brian Pessolano46Enough Already!10k49:28
Anne Anderson58Moss Free Clinic 5k5k29:33
Thomas McDonald35Quarantown Virtual10k1:02:02
Craig Chasse50Enough Already!10k42:15
Caitlin Pessolano21Enough Already!10k56:38
Sam Alty31Enough Already!10k2:13:00
Cathleen Pessolano46Moss Free Clinic5k50:51
Carol Widman60Ukrops10k1:26:59