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The Rappahanock Ospreys was founded in 2015 under the Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC). The team is a youth running club primarily for elementary through middle school aged children. The goal of the Ospreys is to provide the area youth a safe and fun environment where they can learn the fundamentals of running through interaction with other children of similar ages and abilities, who have the desire to learn and improve their running skills. The Ospreys train year around, two to three times a week, weather permitting, with training centered on preparing to compete in local age appropriate road races, cross-country competitions in the fall, and track meets available in the winter, spring and summer seasons.

The Ospreys are coached by volunteers from the running club as well as parent volunteers who share a passion for running in the local community. Some Osprey coaches have been certified and taken part in the following nationally recognized coaches running courses; Road Runners Club of America Certification Level 1 Course and the USA Track and Field Level 1 course. Many coaches and volunteers have current and past experiences with running at the high school and college levels, as well as coaching at the area middle and high school level.

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General Elections Next FARC Board of Directors Meeting, December 19th


The next FARC Board of Directors meeting will be having elections for 2020 for a treasurer, Howard Thomas is up for reelection and secretary, Sara Gilliam is up for reelection and 1 year directors. It will be December 19th at 7pm at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Fredericksburg, this is open to all members who wish to vote or want to be part of the board.

Track and Field Results for December 31st and January 1st


Fredericksburg Running Club Track Series Results At James Monroe High School

Date: December 31, 2019
Participants: 11 
Event: 1500 Meter

  • Skyler moon 20 M 4:48.58
  • Foster Moon 15 M 5:14.42
  • Cameron Sidebotham 13 M 5:19.84
  • Steven Konopa 50 M 5:58.99
  • Megan McDonald 30 W 6:16.01
  • Tommy Morelock 59 M 7:17.09
  • Mike Brooks 62 M 7:26.87
  • Howard Thomas 58 M 7:41.78
  • Terry McLaughlin 59 M 11:55.30

Event: 3000 Meter

  • Cameron Sidebotham 13 M 11:44.00
  • Terry McLaughlin 59 M 12:38.13
  • Steve Sakry 67 M 12:41.89
  • Steven Konopa 50 M 13:01.60
  • Megan McDonald 30 W 13:30.51
  • Jeff Peterson 63 M 13:53.35
  • Mike Brooks 62 M 15:14.40
  • Tommy Morelock 59 M 15:56.66
  • Howard Tomas 58 M 17:01.74

DATE: January 1, 2020
Participants: 15 
Event: Mile

  • Syler Moon 20 M 5:12.85
  • Cameron Sidebotham 13 M 5:38.50
  • Foster Moon 15 M 5:44.67
  • Steven Konopa 50 M 6:32.48
  • Ethan Lapier 13 M 6:56.68
  • Jeff Peterson 63 M 7:06.51
  • Lisa Lapier 47 F 7:18.22
  • Tommy Morelock 59 M 7:41.11
  • Mike Brooks 62 M 8:20.65
  • Vic Culp 63 M 8:22.46
  • Howard Thomas 58 M 8:55.61
  • Terry McLaughlin 59 M 12:45.01

RW Event: 3000 Meter

  • Steve Sakry 67 M 12:40.77
  • Lisa Lapier 47 F 14:02.09
  • Steven Konopa 50 M 14:19.87
  • Terry McLaughlin 59 M 14:21.34
  • Tommy Morelock 59 M 16:27.04
  • Jeff Peterson 62 M 16:39.67
  • Howard Thomas 58 M 17:22.49
  • Vic Culp 63 M 18:33.61

4×400 Relay

  • Foster, Brian Jayden and Skyler, 4:51.68
  • Ethan, Cameron, Steve and Jeff 5:22.34
  • Tommy, Terry, Steven and Howard 6:10.32


  • Location: James Monroe High School Track
  • December 31st at 3:30pm
  • Janaury 1st at 11am

Track Meet December 31st and January 1st

The details

FREDERICKSBURG AREA RUNNING CLUB TRACK MEETS AT JMHS on Dec 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020 DATE: December 31, 2019 Time: 3:30pm Events: 1500 Meter and 3000 Meter Cost: Free Home Team Grill: We will be going to HTG after the track meet and they do have ½ price Burgers on Tuesdays and HH till 7pm Volunteers: We are looking for few volunteers to help with this events and please contact Terry at tjmclaughlin80@gmail.com or call 540-847-2937. This will count towards 2019 Grand Prix Volunteers credit. Date: January 1, 2020 Time 11am Events: 1 mile, 3000 Meter run and Relay Cost: Free Refreshments: cookies, bars and Bottled waters Volunteers: We are looking for few Volunteers to help with the track meet and will count towards the 2019 grand Prix Volunteers credit.

Please contact tjmclaughlin80@gmail.com For more information, please contact Terry McLaughlin at tjmclaughlin80@gmail.com or call 540-371-9622.


2019 Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix Standings after 12 races are Posted


The 2019 Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix Standings after 12 races as of December 8, 2019 are posted at https://www.racetimingunlimited.org/results/outgpwrr19.aspx

Other cool Grand Prix data, updated for 2019 races, can be found at http://www.racetimingunlimited.org/Store/farcgp.aspx